Hooks are one of the most critical safety-related items of any crane, and their relative cost compared to the crane's complete cost makes this component the priority item from a safety point of view. Different industrial technologies and steel grades are used worldwide but the safest and most efficient way is the forging technology. This is why 100% of Irizar Forge hooks are forged. Nowadays, all European old national conflicting standards are withdrawn to be substituted by EN13001-3-5:2016 new standard, as the only one harmonized crane shank hook standard in force, together with antecessor ISO17440.

Crane hooks can achieve different mechanical properties depending on the crane's purpose and concept design. All hooks must be load tested at the end of the process to validate the design and guarantee the general integrity. This test must be done to the sole hook as a component and/or together with the crane during the final test loading. Generally speaking, the hook tested as a component is at a higher force than the one applied to the crane because of the required normative safety factors.


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