What products does Irizar Forge manufacture?

Irizar Forge is a specialist forge based in the industrial heartland of Spain. We offer innovative solutions to offshore EPC’s & OEM’s:

  • Heavy-duty, forged products with a lifting capacity of up to 2000 t
  • Lifting: Hooks (single, double, quad, eye DIN7540), hook blocks, ramshorn hook swivels
  • Industry standard-compliant and fully certified by LRS, DNV, ABS and BV Class Societies
  • Stock in USA, Germany and Spain. Offices in Spain, USA, Brazil and agents worldwide


Sling Defender ROV Eye Hook

Our experience with the demands from complex subsea installations has led to the development of the new Irizar Forge Sling Defender ROV Eye Hooks. Its benefits include:

  • Saves on costs of wire/synthetic rope due to less wear
  • Optimal safety due to specialist forging technique that maintains metal grain structure
  • Single handling point for efficient handling
  • Fits perfectly with general lifting components
  • Can be customized according to project requirements

Check out the video to see the Sling Defender ROV Hook in action.

Fully tailored to project requirements

The complexities involved in offshore rigging and subsea projects often require more than a standardised crane component. We therefore offer Irizar Forge advanced solutions: a full-service solution for producing tailor-made forged components in which we take care of the entire development process.

STEP 1: We design the lifting and mooring component to find the safest and most optimal solution.
STEP 2: We provide forging of up to 20.000 kg / 44.000 lbs single weight, including Forging, Heat / Surface treatment, Machining and Assembly.
STEP 3: We offer a range of tests, both during and after production and make sure the product is certified by a third party, like (N)DT testing.

Read more about the three-step development process here.


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T: +34 943 88 09 36
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