Forgings of up to 20.000 kg / 44.000 lbs single-weight

Irizar Forge provides forgings of up to 20.000 kg / 44.000 lbs single weight. Our state-of-the-art forging methods lead to crane components that come with a high safety factor, excellent fatigue rating, lower maintenance costs and a longer lifetime. Irizar Forge production methods preserve the metal´s molecular grain structure, which leads to superior mechanical values. Depending on project requirements, we use the “Open die” forging method (flexibility in shape, more economical for smaller series) or the "Closed die” forging method (less waste, more economical for larger series).


When the products have been forged a heat treatment such as quenching and tempering will take place. Also, the product will be treated with normalization or annualization to achieve optimal physical and mechanical properties, including toughness, strength, and elasticity). After the heat treatment, the product's surface undergoes grinding and shot-blasting to remove any surface defects that could impact mechanical and physical performance. This process, known as surface treatment, results in a superior fatigue life.


Depending on the customer's specifications or requirements the next step is to machine the product components to prepare them for assembly. When the machining is done, the different components will be assembled into the whole product. The final step is the finish. Specialized coatings are used to withstand extreme weather, temperature, chemicals, chlorine, and salt or subsea conditions. Irizar Forge also guides how to protect products in these harsh environments.

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