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Come and discover IRIZAR's full range of Eye Hook assortmens. Not limited to Chain: also enlarged eyes available for ROPE assembly by Sling Shops.   Not limited to Onshore lifting operations: also available for subsea lifting...
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Have a look at the eye hook

Now available: the most demanding IRIZAR Eye hooks on the Trace Parts platform (http://bit.ly/IFTraceParts), where all designers find standardized hook designs. All three types are fitted with ROV friendly devices for subsea...
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The most popular 2020

2020 has been a rare year in all directions. The global pandemic induced by the COVID-19 has disrupted the normal activity at IRIZAR FORGE. All International Exhibitions were cancelled, and we were forced to explore new communication channels. At...
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WHAT? Lifting & Mooring solutions

Key products: safety related crane components and subsea mooring line accessories: forged hooks, weld free sheaves, crane blocks and wide body shackles for Lifting appliance & ROV hooks and shackles for Mooring appliance.

WHERE? Onshore & Offshore

Key focus: harsh environments:Onshore (out & indoor): nuclear, hydro, ports, shipyards, civil construction, industrial processing.Offshore (topsite & subsea): oil&gas and renewables.

WHY? Safer, lighter, longer lifetime, lower maintenance cost

Irizar top key factors.