Painting specific procedures as per project requirements

As the projects are getting bigger the coating requirements are also getting stricter due to the extreme conditions crane components suffer. Think of extreme conditions such as extreme temperatures, corrosion areas, and direct contact with salt, fresh water, or chlorinated water.


Highlighted are specific situations where special coating is necessary.

  • Subsea Pre-SALT: because of being continuously submerged in ecosystems still unknown for its effects on the metals (6000 m depth), the metallic components have to be protected from bacteriologic attack.
  • Auxiliary Hydro equipment: for having a precisely amphibious ambiguity, for being submerged or in dry sunlight, the difficulty of enduring both environments, makes the unions, seals and surfaces suffer and shortens their lifetime, and because of this they must be subjected to strict maintenance tests and inspections.

The experience developed by Irizar Forge over the years means that there are procedures that describe how to protect and coat the products best. For example, to combine the welding beads with zinc-rich silicones and other specific seals.