Irizar Forge specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty forged products with a lifting capacity of up to 2000 t

At Irizar Forge, our core mission is to design, manufacture, and rigorously test products and services to uphold the highest safety standards with the use of forging technology. Our product range includes a variety of lifting components such as single, double, quad, eye and ramshorn hooks and hook blocks

We take pride in producing industry-standard compliant products that are fully certified by renowned Class Societies like LRS, DNV, ABS, and BV. This ensures the highest level of quality and safety for our customers. Irizar Forge maintains stock in the USA, Germany and Spain and has offices in Spain, USA, Brazil and agents worldwide to quickly be able to provide forged solutions for all sorts of onshore industries.

Forgings for standarized and tailor-made solutions

Irizar Forge offers a wide selection of standard productsincluding crane hooks, hook blocks, shackles, and connectors. Each component is forged and meets the highest industry benchmarks.

For projects that require a tailor-made approach, we provide Irizar Forge advanced solutionsOur full-service solution delivers custom-forged components to manage the entire development process. From design to forging, testing and third party certifications.

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