Tests during and after production which are certified by a third party

As safety is our top priority, Irizar Forge offers a range of tests during and after production. This must be done to make sure that the forged product is completely safe. Depending on the test, some tests will be done in-house while a third party certifies the test. The tests we perform on the Irizar Forge products are as follows:


  • DT inspection and destructive testing to measure tensile strength, yield point, elongation and reduction of area and Charpy-V impact test
  • NDT inspection and non-destructive testing to detect imperfections, both internal examinations (ultrasonic testing) and surface examinations (magnetic particle tests)
  • Metallurgical tests to obtain chemical values to determine grain size, cavities, and grain-flow orientation
  • PT inspection and proof load testing in a variety of benches on site up to 6.000 t, vertical or horizontal depending on the product size and shape to be tested
  • MBL inspection and minimum break load testing
  • FAT factory acceptance test to ensure functionality
  • Certifications as part of full certification based on the scope of supply following lifting or mooring rules of class societies
  • Guidance and manuals guidance and manuals for correct usage, maintenance and decommissioning operations for end users


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