Shackles are considered a critical accessory from a safety point of view. They are one of the major hardware links between the crane and the load and are often used to connect the chain or non-steel fittings such as textile slings and similar terminals. Related to lifting or rigging applications, it is considered a static and temporary rigging accessory and does not belong to the crane itself. Straight design shackles are regularly used for 1 pull and bow design shackles for various pulls. For heavy-duty lifting operations, widebody is the preferred and valued product, that guarantees a safe radius of the related sling into operation, that guarantees a longer lifetime of the related sling. Related to mooring applications, a forged shackle is a great product to link two chains, chain with rope, rope with a sling, connected to triplates, master links or any technology used for floating structures with long-term mooring lines.

Irizar Forge is approved by DNV and ABS to produce, test and certify offshore mooring accessories in material R4 according to “DNV-OS-E302 Offshore Mooring Chain” and “ABS Guide for Offshore Mooring Chain”. Under these specific conditions, forged material is the preferred technology to guarantee safety and a long lifetime. For high safety factors during long lifetimes, super alloy steels are the valued ones to guarantee functionality, safe operating, and low maintenance costs during their long lifetime. As for forged hooks, all shackles are produced for operating temperatures from -40 ºC up to +200 ºC, considered normal, abnormal, and extreme conditions.