Irizar Forge is committed to reducing its carbon footprint

At Irizar Forge we have been committed to the environment for more than 20 years, as accredited by our ISO 14001 certification. As a key measure in the fight against climate change, one of our main objectives for 2030 is to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and as an exercise, in transparency, we have registered it with the Spanish Ministry. To achieve this objective, we have started the process to being certified before 2025 in an Energy Management System based on the ISO 50001 standard.

The Carbon Footprint is the indicator designated by the International Community for calculating and reducing environmental impact as it measures the total amount of carbon dioxide equivalent associated with a product, company or individual.

We have called this energy transition project at Irizar Forge “Green Forge”, the aim of which is not only to adapt to future legislation on climate change but also to use this opportunity to improve efficiency as a whole, aimed at the competitiveness of our products and services.