The Smart Con Link Kenter Joining Shackle

Improved durable design
Easy and safe to (re)assemble
RFID Chip for inventory control
R5 approved

Improved durable design

Introducing our latest innovation: the Smart Con Link Kenter Joining Shackle. An improved durable design engineered to enhance the longevity and reliability of our products. Through precise design enhancements, we've optimized the fatigue life cycle, significantly reducing the need for replacements and associated costs.

Our approach to this design has been comprehensive, drawing upon both client feedback and the expertise of our design and production teams. By increasing the handshake area between the Irizar Forge Kenter and its adjacent parts, we've effectively reduced stress concentration levels. Resulting in improved fatigue performance for both the shackle and its surrounding components.

Easy and safe to (re)assemble

A key feature of the design of the Smart Con Link Kenter Joining Shackle is the interchangeability of the centre stud within the shackle. This extends the lifespan of the product and further minimizes replacement expenses. The Shackle will maintain its certification if the centre part is exchanged. An improvement compared to most standard Kenter Joining Shackles in the industry. 

With the riggers in mind, we improved the installation process of this Shackle. No hammers or brute force are necessary due to the centre stud design. Eliminating the risk of injuries during installation, ensuring ease of use and reducing assembling time.The Smart Con Stud is totally enclosed and thread free to guarantee easy maintenance and supreme durability. Supporting a safe work environment which is extra critical on board. 

The exchangeable centre part is available off the shelf, guaranteeing seamless maintenance and swift replacements as needed.

RFID chip for easy inventory control

Our Kenter Joining Shackle can be ordered with an RFID chip. Thanks to the information provided by the chip you can easily control your inventory. The Chip, produced by iTAG Solutions, gives information about the DNV certification, MPI certificate, Proof and Break load of the Shackle. The chip also contains a GPS tracker. This ensures you’ll always know where the Shackle is located.


Product specifications of the Kenter Joining Shackle

Our products are certified by DNV and ABS. We offer Kenter Joining Shackles in 3 grades: R4, R4S, R5, ranging in sizes from 70 mm to 120 mm. Currently in stock: size 76 mm and 84 mm in Europe and USA. Other sizes are available upon request.

Download our product sheet or check out the product page.

100 years of experience 

Irizar Forge, founded in 1923, has over a century of expertise in product design and the manufacture of hooks, blocks and shackles tailored for mooring, anchoring, towing, and connecting applications. We pride ourselves on being a service company, maintaining close partnerships with our clients in the oil & gas, wind, and renewables industries.

Leveraging an established, proven, and class-approved manufacturing infrastructure, we ensure quality and reliability in every aspect of our operations. From material sourcing to forging, heat treating, machining, and testing. Partnering with a trusted and approved supply chain, we guarantee competitive pricing, off-the-shelf delivery, and worldwide stock availability through partnering companies within the Irizar Forge and the Royal Van Beest Group.


Contact our product specialist

Would you like to talk with one of our product specialists or sales agents regarding the Smart Con Link Kenter Joining Shackle? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. With offices located across the globe, we ensure there is always someone available to assist you with inquiries concerning product specifications and stock availability.

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