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Certifications & Accreditations

International Accreditations are the passports to operate in certain industries, where just the best operators are permitted to play in

IRIZAR FORGE operates in maximum require-ment markets supplying safety related critical components and solutions, where security and durability are preferred values.
As global player, IRIZAR FORGE operates Worldwide and its products, organization and facilities are permanently certified & accredited by recognized classification societies, a must to be a first line lead player for Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Hydro, Offshore, Steel Industry, Mining and Mega-Construction Industries.
ABS Approval for Mooring Accessories

ABS Approval for Mooring Accessories

ABS Marine Shipping Naval Approval

ABS Approval Quality Assurance

ABS Approval Quality Assurance

BV Marine Offshore Approval

DNV Approval for Mooring Accessories

DNV GL Marine Shipping Naval Approval

ISO by TUV 9001-14001-45001 Management Certs

LRS Marine Shipping Naval Approval