Proof Load Test

Three-step process

Heavy Duty Load Testing under control

Bench capacity in-house up to 6.000t.

IRIZAR FORGE Proof Load Tests are performed at three on-site benches: one to test small items up to 100t., a second one up to 2000t. and the recent new one for heavy duty designs up to 6.000t. loads.
Afterwards, the item subject of such Test is inspected by complete NDT examination in order to check any discontinuities or indications.ion cooling pools), being the most extreme ones from coating specification point of view:

Load Tests are performed either individually to the sub-components, such as to the hook assembly (machined hook), sheaves, cables,etc…; or to the complete block assembly, aiming ultimate validation of the design integrity.
By applying the loads (t.) and angles (º) required by international standards and recognized rules, Irizar products with safety design factors up to 1:5, both quality and successful tests outcome can be assured with a high confidence level.

Due to strict quality control of Non-Destructive testing and focus on facilities safety control, Irizar can guarantee all required test operations are performed fully under control.