Three-step process

We provide forging of up to 20.000 kg / 44.000 lbs single weight, including;

Forging: Our state-of-the-art forging methods lead to crane components that come with a high safety factor, excellent fatigue rating, lower maintenance costs and a longer lifetime. Irizar Forge prodcution methods preserve the metal´s molecular grain structure, which leads to superior mechanical values. Depending on project requirements, we use:

  • • “Open die” forging method (flexibility in shape, more economical for smaller series).
  • • “Closed die” forging method (less waste, more economical for larger series).

Heat treatment: such as quenching and tempering, normalization or annealization to achieve optiomal physical and mechanical properties (toughness, strength, elasticity).

Surface treatments: such as grinding and shot-blasting to remove any surface, defects that could impact mechanical and physical performance,. This results in a superior fatigue life.

Machining: of components to specification.

Assembly: of different components into the whole product.

Specialized coatings: to withstand extreme weather, temperature, chemicals, chlorine, and salt or subsea conditions. Irizar Forge also provides guidance on how to protect products in these harsh environments