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Irizar Distribution

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As far as distribution and market openings are concerned, IRIZAR FORGE will always count on strategic logistic based central warehouse at headquarters, but atomized in diverse clusters, in order to enable immediate worldwide service.
This “Globality” is achieved through IRIZAR Delegation Community and network, where by applying a Global sense with a Worldwide network, proximity, warmth and the feeling of local service is offered, which makes of IRIZAR FORGE its national identity sign: Being, despite its small-medium size, a multinational, and thanks to its small-medium size, now becoming a Flexible Multinational open to the world.
Stock base items are located in Germany, US & Australia clusters, but new locations are coming up. Items called to stock are based on internationally recognized standards and regular consumption. With a global model type business, the characteristic of offering a close and local service is a must, achieving a feeling of closeness with the customer, buyer or decision maker.