2020 has been a rare year in all directions. The global pandemic induced by the COVID-19 has disrupted the normal activity at IRIZAR FORGE. All International Exhibitions were cancelled, and we were forced to explore new communication channels. At this point, our new website, the posts and the social media have been really important when communicating that IRIZAR FORGE’s activity is unstoppable.

These are the 2020’s most widely read posts on our website:

SWL 1000t hookblock delivered for DLV-2000 pipe layer

IRIZAR FORGE has completed one of its major projects for Offshore market. Developed between July and December has been one of last years’ biggest challenges.

Take a look the manufacturing process in the below video. The performance is spectacular.


How is a crane hook tested?

A lifting hook is considered a high safety component, this element is submitted to the most rigorous tests and inspections before and during its lifetime. Do you want to know how a hook is tested? Continue reading this post!

Hook Irizar Forge

Keep calm and choose forged

The main difference between forging and other alternative steel processing technologies is that the forging is mechanically advanced after solidification. In this post you will find out the advantages of forging vs other technologies (casting, 3D printing…) Make sure you take a look on it!

Crane blocks 10.000t. floating crane

En un buque fabricado por Hyundai Heavy Industries con una capacidad de elevación de 10.000 toneladas IRIZAR FORGE ha jugado un importante papel.

IRIZAR FORGE fabricó un conjunto de 8 ganchos para la grúa del buque en nuestras instalaciones de Lazkao. Fueron necesarios 255.000 kg de acero para forjar los componentes principales. Descubre más sobre este impresionante proyecto.

IRIZAR FORGE has been involved with a significant role in a 10.000 t capacity HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES branded vessel. IRIZAR FORGE supplied 8 hooks for the vessel crane manufactured in our base in Lazkao. 255.000Kg Steel were needed to forge the core parts of this project. Discover more about this impressive challenge.