Forged material is the preferred & valued technology to guarantee long life times with low maintenance costs.

SUBSEA is considered OFFSHORE environment and it´s divided into shallow water and deep water (PRESALT, SALT and POSTSALT for latins).

SUBSEA Deep Water application is considered one of the most critical OFFSHORE application because of the poor accessibility of the products, harsh environment and high costs to get the products back to top site. Consequently maintenance jobs are difficult to manage and long life times are required.

Under these conditions, FORGED material is the preferred & valued technology to guarantee long life times with low maintenance costs. For high safety factor during long life time, super alloy steels are the preferred steel grades to guarantee a safe functional long life products. Surface protection & coatings have also a key role to keep designed life times.

Besides forging material IRIZAR subsea hooks are fully BENDED with 100% grain orientation, following the good practices of international crane hook rules and standards.

Related to hooks, because its geometry, can comply with different purposes, being the main ones:

Related to SUBSEA LIFTING, the crane is regularly located top site, even if recently semi-submergible and submergible cranes are being designed and installed. This kind of Offshore cranes regularly do subsea operations: most of them they do in shallow water, but others do deep water for e.g maniffols recovery, seabed pipeline maintenance or repair… being possible to do operations up to 4.000m subsea.

Related to LONG TERM MOORING LINE, main technology to fix floating structures into the seabed, forged hook is a great product to link two chains, chain with rope, rope with sling… or any technology used for floating structures mooring lines. Recently other technologies beside steel chain are being used and recommended by installation companies based on two criterias:

* Weight of mooring line in deep water.
* Cost of commissioning & installation.

IRIZAR FORGE is approved by DNV & ABS to produce, test & certify Offshore Mooring Accessories in material R4 according to “DNV-OS-E302 Offshore Mooring Chain” and “ABS Guide for Offshore Mooring Chain” (see annex 3 and 4 of the Irizar Product Guide).

Mooring Line is being a combination technology in recent projects, combining steel with fiber products: steel chain, steel wire ropes, synthetic ropes and textile slings. Combination of all 4 technologies is reducing commissioning costs and reducing weight. Hooks and other links are in between different technologies to ensure a permanent steel-fiber, steel-steel or fiber-fiber join or linkage.

Seabed is full of PIPELINES and related equipment: pipelines are flexible to avoid crack when ocean currents effect hits against pipes and related equipment. PLET hook (pipe line end termination), is used to return the pipe to the original position and correct its position permanently.

Seabed is also full of rubbish as consequence of decades extraction activity: hooks together with ROV systems are used to COLLECT & RECOVER materials and clean seabed for environmental reasons.