It is well known the Worldwide difficulties for travelling lately and organizations we are forced to think about alternative models for market players relationships.

Of course technology will not replace the human contact, but it’s considered a good tool to keep already existing business & personal relationships between different people & places, in a close and empathy way.

IRIZAR organization is prepared for it and we wish to share alternative communication tools we are using lately to inforce already existing relationships and additionally to open new communication channels with new users.

Our Worldwide Sales team members are available in the next platforms:

María L. Irizar – Global Nuclear & Sales Director
Tlf. +34 620 256 170

Gorka Etxeberria – Global Onshore Sales Manager
Tlf. +34 688 682 588

Oier Sarasola – Global Offshore Sales Manager
Tlf. +34 608 912 966

Jeff Thornton – North America Sales Director
Tlf. +1 281 546 2099

Amit Dey – India Sales Force
Tlf. +91 9234613285

Margarita Kovaleva – Russia-CIS Sales Force
Tlf. +7 905 740 0578

Stefan Lundkvist – Brazil Sales Force
Tlf. + 55 11984735261


Sales Force
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