DT/NDT according to highest level specifications.

Invasive or DESTRUCTIVE TESTS (DT) are executed before machining after heat treatment, removing a sample piece in a very specific way (based on international standards and classification society rules) in order to ensure that sample is sufficiently representative: Destructive Tests to obtain mechanical and physical values required by the applicable standard, classification society rule or customer requirements, in order to get Tensile Strength, Yield Point, Elongation and Reduction of area (with tensile test specimen) and Charpy Impact Test (testing temperature from room temperature to -50ºC, which determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture). METALLURGICAL TESTS (MT) to obtain chemical values, which can be executed to incoming raw material, after forging, before & after heat treatment under the internal procedure criterias and instructions, mainly to know grain size, cavities, grain-flow orienting,…

Non-invasive or NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTS (NDT) are made to incoming ingot, pre-forged bar and to final forging, without any independent sample but to the part itself, and they are divided in two major groups: SURFACE examinations: The aim of this kind of tests is detecting imperfections, indications or cracks in the forging surface, detected by different techniques such as: magnetic particles or liquid test. INTERNAL or no superficial examinations: by using an Ultrasonic technique to detect the internal defects and imperfections, like folds, porosity… Other non-destructive checks are performed, which are not considered tests such as DIMENSIONAL CONTROL and VISUAL CONTROL. In both examinations any evidence is registered and analyzed if it’s accepted according to international standards or classification society rules acceptance criteria.

Affected pieces out of acceptance criteria are rejected at IRIZAR FORGE not being allowed to repair or rework (welding is totally prohibited).