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Shipyards and dockyards are locations where ships are repaired and built. These can be yachts, military vessels, cargo vessels, cruise liners or ferries etc. Dockyards are sometimes more associated with maintenance and repair activities whereas shipyards are generally associated with the initial construction of a vessel… The terms are routinely used interchangeably, in part because of the evolution of dockyards and shipyards has often caused them to change or merge roles.
Geographically speaking, the Shipbuilding market would be divided between South Korea, China, Japan and Philippines, and they control almost 85% market share. Smaller and more specialist yards are located throughout the world but particularly in Germany, Holland, Norway, Northern Spain and UK.

With regards to lifting appliances, the main type of cranes used include: Quay, Yard, Gantry, Portal, Mobile and Special Purpose Cranes (for example at Military Dockyards), which all require forged hooks to lift heavy duties. Other types of applications, such as Ship ‘Unloader’, Container Cranes and RoRo (used at Ferry terminals), all have requirements for sheaves.
Regarding the crane lifting applications, Gantry and Shipyard Cranes are the most used in operations where the crane straddles the ship allowing massive objects, like ships’ engines, to be lifted and moved over the ship.

Projects data

Year: 2017
Ref. Project: G1901-1200t Goliath Gantry Crane
Ref. Product: Lifting Spreader Beams (2 X 400t + 500t)
Final Customer: Meyer Turku

Year: 2017
Ref. Project: G1901-1200t Goliath Gantry Crane
Ref. Product: 2 X 400t Hoist Block + 500t Hoist Block
Final Customer: Meyer Turku

Year: 2015
Ref. Project: Trabajos Eolica Marina en Fene
Ref. Product: 60t. & 80t. Hookblocks
Final Customer: Navantia

Year: 2012
Ref. Project: Shiploader Pasadena (USA)
Ref. Product: Forged Wheels
Final Customer: Kinder Morgan

Year: 2011
Ref. Project:
Ref. Product: Ramshorn hook for 400t. OMC Main hoist lower block
Final Customer: Subsea7