Health and safety management system

The ISO 45001 standard is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system and provides indications for its use, to allow organizations to provide safe and healthy jobs, prevent accidents at work and health problems, in addition to improving safety and health at work proactively. Irizar Forge already had the OHSAS 18001 certificate and the ISO 45001 standard comes to replace the old OHSAS 18001. The main changes are:

• A broader scope from the safety and health at work approach.
• A prevention policy with commitments that exceed the legal framework’s duty of protection.
• The different authorities of the company have more participation in the safety and health at work system.
• It obliges the organization to keep a more rigorous control over the legal requirements that apply to it.
• In addition to the workers, it incorporates contractors and visitors into the safety and health at work management system.
• Forces the organization to establish processes for internal and external communication, with the need to document them.
• Incorporates the incidents, in damages that must be investigated.