About Us

Metallurgical R&D:

To create and maintain the structural grain flow of steel, IRIZAR has developed processes that replace other non-forged materials that are currently used in the industry by default, due to lack of resources, lack of interest or have limited requirement applications.

Markets R&D:

IRIZAR has entered into the Mooring Market, where the marine gains ground over the terrestrial, which as burst IRIZAR into the offshore industry, specifically in Subsea applications.

With lateral strengths unknown in Crane World, with no terrestrial gravity, and with an ecosystem/environment yet to be fully understood , the subsea, and more specifically the very deep waters (Pre –Salt) is considered to be a challenge for the three pillars of IRIZAR: ROV design applications, production made by different metallurgical characteristics suited to provide at least 20 years of free lifetime maintenance, inspection and testing that guarantee the above mentioned in either in a static or dynamic way.

Production Processes R&D

The Metal transformation activity from the ancestral technique of the FORGE has been a constant in the 94 years life of the company. Re-confirmed as our core business for at least the next 15 years it is this art who gives IRIZAR’s products the future characteristics of the markets such as: RELIABILITY and DURABILITY: Grain flow orientation must stay intact until the final product is reached and IRIZAR is able to create such orientation due to the pressures exerted on raw material structure. The IRIZAR product is therefore unique and distinguished from others which lack this reinforcing grain flow orientation.